Pre-Screen & Medical Clearance:
A medical clearance form is required of all Clients who answer “yes” to any of the Pre-screen questions, unless the condition is not counterproductive to training sessions.

Note: The Personal Trainer reserves the right to require medical clearance from any client they feel may be at risk.


 Session Duration:
All Personal Training sessions are between  30 minutes to one hour in duration.


Clients must come prepared to each training session in proper workout attire (easy to move in clothing  and supportive footwear). Participants arriving unprepared for their training session will lose the session.


 Cancellation Policy:
Clients are asked to call 24 hours in advance of the scheduled training session. Clients will be charged a 50% fee for appointments cancelled with fewer than 24 hours’ notice. Failure to show or notify the Personal Trainer will result in a full session loss.


 Refund Policy:
Once a payment has been made for a Personal Training package from Results Personal Training there are no refunds permissible. Clients have the right to on-sell the package (for no more than the retail value cost of the remaining sessions) and transferal of the package is free of charge.


 Late Policy:
Clients are responsible for arriving on-time to their training sessions. The Personal Trainer reserves the right to only complete the allocated time slot regardless of client arrival time. In the event of no client notification and the client arriving more then (15 minutes late for a 1 hour session) or (10 minutes late for a 30 minute session) the Trainer reserves the right to consider the session cancelled.