A 30-60 minute exercise session within a PRIVATE Personal training studio, private residence or in various outdoor settings. I will motivate, educate and help you to achieve your fitness goals. Ensuring you perform all exercises safely and using good form, I will design fun and motivating sessions perfect for those who need accountability.

Have a friend or two that share the same goals then try group Personal Training split the cost get the Results

           THUMP BOXFIT

Get started in your “Boxing for Fitness” sessions with 100% motivation provided by your experienced and fully qualified THUMP Boxing instructor.


To some people the thought of boxing means stepping between the ropes, entering the ring and dodging punches from an angry opponent trying to knock your head off.

However boxing sessions don’t have to lead to competitive boxing, it can simply give you an enjoyable cardiovascular and resistance training workout.

The best thing about a THUMP inspired Personal Training sessions is there are no fancy dance steps, no boring treadmills, and no slow exercise bikes so that means no reason to get bored.

A popular exercise concept “Boxing for Fitness” is a fun and exciting way to get your body into great shape and it has proven to be the single most effective way to increase your fitness levels fast. It incorporates all aspects of fitness including muscular strength, muscular endurance, speed and coordination and mentally it has also shown to improve overall confidence, focus and patience.

Feeling stressed? Try “Boxing for Fitness” The combination of strength training and aerobic work provides the best of both worlds in terms of feeling a muscular pump and stimulating the cardiovascular system - both of which enhance psychological well-being.

Using the THUMP approved boxing concepts not only provides a great fitness routine but also ensures you learn the basics of boxing in a controlled and safe environment regardless of your gender or boxing ability.


Results Personal Training offers the only private group fitness class in the Te Puke area

Classes are designed with all fitness,age and skill levels in mind so whether it's toning, cardio fitness , weight loss or other health and fitness goals Results PT has a class to suit you.

All classes are either run in our fully equipped private PT studio or various location around Te Puke.

Corporate classes are also available.



Sports Specific Trainers can help improve strength, flexibility and stamina to improve performance in specific sports. For example increasing arm strength for tennis playing or improve strength and core stability providing better balance playing golf.

Sports specific training is all about developing physical conditions to improve performance and skills at a particular sport. Also, understanding the needs of the game, training/practicing at the correct pace, in order to meet sports requirements.