About Me:

Growing up in small town Opotiki I did what most kids do, I ate junk food, watched a lot of TV and before I

knew it I was 120kg’s and my XXXL Simpsons T-Shirt was getting rather tight! I came to the realization that if

 I continued in this way I would never get a girlfriend

Seriously though I grew tired of not being able to walk to the letterbox without my asthma inhaler in my hand and feeling sorry for myself didn’t seem to be making me any thinner or fitter.

At the age of 18 I joined the local gym. I remember walking in that first day absolutely petrified- I think I lost more weight from nervous sweat then exercise, but I joined up that day got my first program and I was off and running-figuratively speaking.

I then joined the group fitness classes- Step and died after just 4 songs as all these enthusiastic ladies stepped around me. I decided to stick with it and before I knew it I was staying for the full class and the fat was melting away.


From there I spent a few years doing my OE, working in a physical job which helped me maintain my weight-loss but when I returned to Opotiki 6 years later I knew where my passion lay and started my training to be a Personal Trainer.

I have never looked back and have been training clients now for the past 12 years. I am passionate about helping people take that step towards achieving their goals.

Some hi-lights in my career so far would have to be  helping one of my paraplegic clients to become more mobile (so she was able to walk short distances to pat her horses again, training some deconditioned clients to complete their first half marathons and helping Obese clients start on their fat-loss journey.

In short I love what I do, I’m passionate about fitness and I know that with commitment and a bit of support my clients can achieve anything.


I have been using George Pepperell as a Personal Trainer over the past 18 months.

During this time I have set personal goals and overcome a recurring back strain.

George has kept me motivated with new and enjoyable programs, using both weights and cardio equipment.

George has also encouraged me to focus on my eating habits, to eat a more balanced and healthier diet.

I enjoy going to the gym now as part of my weekly routine.

I highly recommend George as a Personal Trainer to anyone who wants good long or short-term results.

Glenn Carter